Let’s Raise $1,000,000

A Brand New Community Health Care Clinic

For 21 years, the Clinic has provided primary care services, access to specialty care, and prescription medications to the medically under-served of McLean County. The Clinic was established as a local solution to a local problem and is almost solely supported by the local community. The Clinic’s unique partnerships and collaborative non-profit model allow us to deliver services with very little overhead and a maximum return on investment. For every $1 that is invested in the Clinic, our patients receive $20 in free medical care.

Help us expand our services. better serve our community. focus on preventive care. provide specialty services. grow. integrate dental care. help our community.

In order to meet the needs of our patients and our community, we are planning an 9,300 square foot renovation of the 900 N. Franklin Building, which sits directly in front of our current location. This new space will offer:

  • More Space

    Ample room for on-site specialty care and services

  • Meeting Rooms

    Confidential rooms for patient education and enhanced health literacy opportunities

  • Group Space

    Group clinical space for physical activity, food demonstrations, support groups, and chronic disease management

  • New Services

    Space to offer new services to our patients, such as preventive dental care


Your $100 donation will buy 1 fully-constructed square foot of this clinic!